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Life Takes You Down Many Paths but My Favorite One Led Me to the Beach

Hey there, I'm Sharon - I am a Registered Nurse and the heart behind Shifting Sands Obx. In 2020 the serene beauty and rhythmic waves of the Outer Banks NC inspired me to create handmade beach essentials. What started as personal needs then blossomed into a passion to share my coastal lifestyle with you and create thoughtful, beach inspired gifts.

Each piece, whether entirely handmade -or touched with a handmade detail reflects my commitment to authenticity and quality. Shifting Sands Obx isn't just a brand it's my celebration of the beauty and serenity that the ocean bestows us. My gratitude extends to the vast Atlantic Ocean, the generous provider of the diverse shells that grace my treasures.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you will join our community of coastal living 🌊

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Thank you for stepping into Shifting Sands OBX, my coastal haven. If you have any questions or want to share your beach stories, I'm here. Life is a beach, and at Shifting Sands OBX, I'm excited to make it a stylish and heartfelt experience, just for you.